Who we are

We are a collective of theatre enthusiasts, who share a common goal of improving the standard of English theatre in Sri Lanka. Towards this, we have produced a number of performances which have been pioneering efforts in terms of interpretation and staging.

Our theatrical efforts include works from playwrights such as William Shakespeare, George Orwell, Dario Fo, Arial Dorfman, and David Mamet. Since our inception, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of English theatre with our innovative staging methods, the use of technology and the diverse interpretation of the characters and the plot.

We’ve also written and created our own original plays and comedies. Most recently we produced a political satire play based around a fictitious character from the fictitious country Arsikland named Chaminda Pusswedilla. Currently, we run Sri Lanka’s first ever stand-up comedy show, Freddy with a roster of well known and fresh talent.