Arsikland’s finest ruggerites take the field in an epic battle for the Grand Trophy which will be presented by the Chief Guest, the Chief Grama Sevaka of Madawadigama. Catch the live commentary as Arsikland’s top two rugby teams, The ArsikCity Butterflies Sports Club take on their arch rivals the Kotaudagama ChilliPowders Sports Club. Will the Butterflies take home the trophy? Do the ChilliPowders have enough players? Will there be any dramatic mid-game transfers? Will the winners even get the trophy? Catch all the excitement of the live commentary of this game brought to you by Fox Blister from CNN (Carrying Nothing Newsworthy), Gynocologees Rupasinghe from ArsikPrivate Media and Waasi Paththa Hoyes from ArsikState Media.

Written by Feroze Kamardeen and Directed by Sashane Perera