Happy Independence Day from Freddy!

“Whoever you believe created us, we were all created pretty much the same. Gravity is the same for everyone, we all tie a knot the same way, we all breathe oxygen, everyone farts and everyone’s shit smells like shit. And wherever in this land you may be from, Killinochchi, Kotahena, Kinniya or Kalutara, every mother has the same wonderful love for her child and everybody has the same right to be here, in this land we all call home. If we remember that and only that. Then that, is enough.” — Freddy



Mother lanka’s bleeding, I think she’s hurt. It’s something we did, everyone of us
It’s also the things that we did not do
We did not speak up. We let them destroy, deny & divide, The family of our motherland
Our silence was consent implied
We have to make it happen, we have to change. Will we stay all our lives down at heel
Berating politicians palming off all of the blame
It’s time we changed that. That change must begin, from me and from you
Ask, for my country what I can do. A mirror, we hold up to you
We cry for our mother lanka, A land of history and beauty and virtue
We really messed up, what a disaster, How will we ever, Look to the future

Have I said too much? I say it because I love my country just like you
All you have to do is look inside of you to know, That Every word is true
Please cry for our mother lanka, We have created an awful disaster
We have been racist. And very sexist, Lets change before we, Will cease to exist

A new mother lanka let the voice of our people be heard
A new mother lanka it’s time we did something, Let’s be undeterred

There’s no single man who can deliver all of our dreams
Our problems are great sometimes unsolvable it may seem
Look inside you, what would you do
If she needs you, would you come through
The change must come, from me and from you
A new mother lanka a nation for everyone, A new hope for lanka for all of it’s people
A new hope for lanka, A new hope for lanka, Sri Lanka for everyone


Written and Directed by Feroze Kamardeen

Performed by Dino Corera