Win 20 free tickets and 78 free t-shirts!

Collect all pieces, solve the puzzle, save the world!

If you did at least the first two, please do the following:

  1. Bring the completed puzzle (originals from the Sunday Times, Daily Mirror and Daily FT print editions only!) to the Lionel Wendt on Sunday the 30th of September 2018 between 10.00 am and 12.00 pm.
  2. If you are among the first 20 people to turn up at the Wend to buy a ticket, you will get ONE FREE (You have to buy a minimum of TWO and your lower value ticket will be free). You will also get a FREE Freddy t-shirt.
  3. If you are in the first 78 people to buy a ticket then we will give you a FREE FREDDY T-SHIRT (We have S, M, L, XL). Remember you have to buy a ticket to get a free t-shirt! Only ONE t-shirt per person.

Actually, you can only get ONE free ticket and ONE free t-shirt. but the headline is more catchy when we say 20 tickets and 78 t-shirts.

FAQs about this promotion

If my t-shirt size is between medium and large what do I do?

You have two options: You can take a medium and lose weight or you can take large and start eating!

Why are you giving out only 78 t-shirts? What happens if I am the 79th person to come to the Wendt on Sunday?

We had just enough money to make 78 T-Shirts. If you are the 79th person to come to the Wendt on Sunday with a completed Freddy Puzzle, we will let you take a selfie with the guy in front of you who has a Freddy t-shirt!

If I complete the puzzle and I don't want to buy a ticket for your stupid show but I do want a free t-shirt, don’t you think it’s unfair to deny me a t-shirt?

The T-shirt has the NAME of our stupid show on it. If you don’t want to see it, why would you want to wear the t-shirt?

Can I bring multiple originals of the puzzle and buy multiple tickets and get multiple t-shirts?

Yes you can, if you:

a) wear multiple sets of clothing at the time you are doing this and

b) promise us that you will restrict your use of the word multiple in the future

In this age of digital why would you guys do such a primitive thing like a jigsaw puzzle? Who has the time to sit and cut the paper and put stuff like that together?

Clearly not you.

If I put the puzzle together and I a) don’t want to see your show and b) don't want a silly t-shirt, what do I do?

You take the completed puzzle to a picture shop, get it framed and hang it on your wall. Alternatively if you are in the digital age, take a selfie and put it on your social media and say something clever like “Did the puzzle but NOT taking the free t-shirt”

Will the Freddy T-Shirt appreciate in value?

For sure. In 12 years, you can take this to Las Vegas and meet Rick Harrison and get featured on Pawn Stars. Be sure to give us a shout-out when you do.

Are members of the cast required to buy tickets?

No. It is generally considered impolite to expect cast members to buy tickets for a show in which they are performing so we have stopped doing that now.

Rules and Regulations (Play nice now!):

  1. This promotion is valid ONLY for the puzzles and panels published in the Sunday Times, Daily Mirror and Daily FT.
  2. In case of dispute, the decision of the FREDDY Producer will be deemed final.
  3. Tickets sold will not be exchanged or refunded by the Lionel Wendt Box Office.
  4. Member of the Freddy cast & crew cannot take part in this promotion